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Donate while making a purchase!

After 3 years in development and contract negotiations with back-end services, Brian Clopp is nearing the launch of


Donate Up allows customers to donate while making a purchase, online or in store.  It may be a Round Up to the nearest dollar; a donation On Top of the order ($1, $3, $5); or Built Right In to the merchant's revenue.


Think of the donation technology you see at Whole Foods, brought to all stores.  Plus some extra patented technologies of Brian's, and we're all set to save the world.


Imagine if part of the economy automatically went to charities, where we built philanthropy right into the economic flow. Charities wouldn't have to fundraise, and they could spend more time focusing on their causes.  Consumers would learn more about different charities and be more informed when making donations. The world gets saved. Hooray!

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