Brian Clopp is an Entrepreneur with a Vision to Better the World.

Brian Clopp


Brian co-founded The Giving Herb, which gives half its net profits to good causes.

Recently, he won a prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year Award for his wild stallion portfolio in its Thrills & Adventures category. With over 20,000 submissions from 144 countries, this is one of the world's Top 10 photo contests.

Albeit a hobbyist photographer, Brian’s photography has been featured on Forbes, CNN, MSN, Daily Mail, DP Review, DY Photography, and the cover of Foto Magazin Portraits include celebrities President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, James Earl Jones, John C. Reilly, Jessie Jackson, and more. His work has graced the CNN Travel homepage numerous times, is featured in world class hotels, and his print “God’s Painting” has won a major National Geographic award, placing first in Nat Geo’s Top Shot competition out of about 100,000 entries.

In film, Brian co-produced Netflix’s Golden Globe nominee FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER (director Angelina Jolie), CHLOE & THEO (starring Dakota Johnson and Mira Sorvino, financed by Sir Richard Branson), and AUDREY (starring Ed Asner). He has produced with private equity investors and has a knack for developing successful projects. Prior to producing, he ran sessions at Mike Lemon Casting in Philadelphia.

As an Eagle Scout, Brian’s project instilled a collection drive that continues to this day, raising tens of thousands of winter clothes, hygiene items, and art supplies for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. It is the main source of warm clothes for Trenton’s homeless.


Brian is also a member of the prestigious Cap & Skull honor society, where only the top 18 students are selected out of a class of 10,000 based on leadership, merit, and character—inductees include Paul Robeson, Selman Waksman (discovered the first antibiotic that cured tuberculosis), Charles Molnar (invented the first personal computer), senators, Nobel Prize winners, and more. He graduated with Highest Honors from Rutgers University in 2005, where he was independently mentored by two of Spielberg’s writers and became Founder of the Screenwriters Community.

Brian has personally been involved with numerous charities, ranging from building homes with Habitat for Humanity to serving on the board of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative—a 14,000 square mile rainforest preserve in the Congo. In 2014 he went on a life-changing trip helping orphans in Cambodia.

He is an avid scuba diver and hiker, has traveled to remote places including ancient jungle temples, and one night alone in the Judaean Desert was chased by a hyena.

Countries visited:

* England

* Israel

* Palestine (technically, via Bethlehem)

* Jordan (technically, when taking pictures he accidentally walked across the Dead Sea)

* France

* Thailand
* Cambodia
* Germany

* Poland

* Mexico

* Barbados

* El Salvador

* Guatemala

* Canada

Scuba Certifications (TDI/SDI):

* Advanced

* Drysuit

* Nitrox

* Sidemount

* Night

* Navigation

* Photography

* Full Face Mask

* Kicking Techniques